Bursary Program

The Scholarship Program enhances our overall commitment to higher education by providing financial assistance to the children of ASMAC members.

Rewarding academic achievement is a priority of the program. However, with cost a frequent obstacle, a scholarship can often make the difference between whether or not a student attends college.

Often, under laws governing scholarship programs such as this, scholarship recipients must be selected impartially. This means that not every applicant can be a recipient. While the program is highly competitive, all students are encouraged to apply, since the applicant pool does change each year.

The award selection process is administered entirely by the ASMAC executive committee.

2023 Scholarship Program Information

ASMAC Bursary Application English 2023

2022 Bursary Recipients
Gabriel Ho (ASMAC)
Devon Whate (ASMAC)
Mona Montazeri (Toronto Metropolitain University)
Saba Younus (Toronto Metropolitain University)

2021 Bursary Recipient
Nicolas Prévost (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2020 Bursary Recipient
Nicolas Prévost (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2019 Bursary Recipients
Melany Pazmino (Thames Rubber Corp.)
Taylor Richardson (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2018 Bursary Recipients
Gene Hoh (Vinavil/MAPEI)
Taylor Richardson (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2017 Bursary Recipients
Matthew Basista (HB Fuller)
Tiana Richardson (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2016 Bursary Recipients
Jeremie Prevost (Vinavil/MAPEI)
Matthew Basista (HB Fuller)

2015 Bursary Recipients
Taylor Richardson (Vinavil/MAPEI)
Sheldon Coates (Vinavil/MAPEI)

2014 Bursary Recipients
Cameron Soltys (3M Canada)
Holly Dinsmore (Andicor Specialty Chemicals)
Farheen Sani (Ryerson)

2013 Bursary Recipients
Enqiao Zhang (Ryerson)

2012 Bursary Recipients
Nirav Bhagat (Ryerson)

2011 Bursary Recipients
Kelsey Bull (Halltech)
Mohammad Meshkahaldini (Ryerson)

2010 Bursary Recipients
Justin Rodrigo (H.B. Fuller)
Emily Gogarty (Helmitin)
Sheldon Cheng (Ryerson)

2009 Bursary Recipients
Stephanie Springolo (Bayer)
Emily Gogarty (Helmitin)
Oswaldo Matos (Ryerson)

2008 Bursary Recipients
Nancy Afonso (Ryerson)
Zenas Rodrigo (H.B. Fuller)
Teresa White (Bayer)

2007 Bursary Recipients
Danyang Wang (Ryerson)

2006 Bursary Recipients
Cassandre Poblah (Jean Abbott College)
Edwine Job (Jean Abbott College)
Caroline Higman (Ontario Science Center Science School)