The Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Canada would like to welcome you to their association. The association commonly referred to as ASMAC was created in 1966 to specifically support adhesives and sealant manufacturers.

Your company was referred to us recently as a possible membership candidate. We would like you to consider the following to help determine whether or not being a member of ASMAC will be a benefit to you and your company.

The Association’s main objectives are:

  • To make unified and informed representation to government and other public bodies on questions of common concern to the members, and
  • To research and inform members of government initiatives and other activities affecting their companies, the industry and the public;
  • To collect, analyze and distribute technical and statistical data to members; and
  • To provide a forum for legal exchange of information on all subjects of common interest to the members, particularly government regulations.

Membership in the Association

  • Manufacturer’s membership is open to firms, companies or corporations that manufacture adhesive and sealant products to be sold in Canada regardless of place of manufacture.
  • Associate membership is open to firms, companies or organizations that provide raw material components or equipment to the adhesive and sealant industry in Canada.

Why become an ASMAC member? Consider these points:

  • An industry related association for networking with like minded manufacturers and suppliers on subjects effecting daily business activities.
  • Being involved and informed on common issues and concerns
  • Allowing for a stronger and unified voice to government
  • Participating in the development of government regulations, and encouraging compliance with those regulations.
  • Having access to a collection of regulatory information related to our industry
  • Having access to links and resources for research and support
  • Access to general meetings in the form of webinars, technical seminars, presentations, as well as the annual golf tournament
  • Supporting project orientated initiatives that promotes the adhesives & sealants industry
  • Supporting scholarship programs that encourage science & technology choices by our youth

Cost of ASMAC membership?

  • Nominal when compared to other industry costs as advertising, promotions and entertainment
  • Providing a solid return on your invested capital
  • Your cost is based on your sales within the industry

We encourage industry non-members to consider being part of the Association. The fees are reasonable and the cost of membership is quickly justified. By supporting ASMAC and its activities, you ensure the resources are there to allow ASMAC to continue providing for its members and to the strengthening of the Adhesive and Sealants industry in general.

ASMAC depends on funding received through its membership dues. Naturally the more members ASMAC has the more support it can offer its members in return.

Parts of the above can be found at our web site As a member you will have access to the member section which offers considerable resources to support your business activities.

Membership with ASMAC allows all your employees to have access to the site as well.

Now is a perfect time to join.