ASMAC represents and serves the interests of the adhesive and sealants industry in Canada, to ensure the continuing growth and prosperity of Canada’s industrial community.

The Association’s main objectives are:

  • To make unified and informed representation to government and other public bodies on questions of common concern to the members, and to research and inform members of government initiatives and other activities affecting their companies, the industry and the public;
  • To collect, analyze and distribute technical and statistical data to members; and
  • To provide a forum for legal exchange of information on all subjects of common interest to the members, particularly government regulations.

Membership in the Association

  • Manufacturer’s membership is open to firms, companies or corporations that manufacture adhesive and sealant products to be sold in Canada regardless of place of manufacture.
  • Associate membership is open to firms, companies or organizations that provide raw material components or equipment to the adhesive and sealant industry in Canada.