Targeted Information Gathering for Ecological Assessments under the Chemicals Management Plan

The purpose of this email is to request ASMAC’s collaboration in support of targeted information gathering under the next phase of the Chemicals Management Plan.

As described in the February 2016 Notice of Intent for Early Stakeholder Engagement, basic information has been collected through the Domestic Substances List Inventory Updates (DSL IU), which helped Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada identify key stakeholders and commercial activity involved with specific substances. In order to tailor the ecological assessment for several substances, we will be contacting certain companies over the next couple of weeks requesting additional information related to their response to the DSL Inventory Updates (i.e. more current and specific quantity and use information, as well as facility and customer information). One or more companies from your association have been identified as key stakeholders.

At this time, information is being gathered on 4 high eco-priority organic groupings to inform ecological risk assessment exposure scenarios, and on 8 inorganic groupings to inform ecological risk assessment approaches and prioritization. Note that further clarification to inform human health assessments may be requested at a later time.

Would you please inform your members about this data gathering initiative, and encourage them to respond if they receive an email from us. In addition, you could ask your members to complete the Questionnaire if they manufactured, imported or used above 100kg of a substance whether alone, in a mixture, in a product or in a manufactured item, during the 2015 calendar year or the most recent and relevant calendar year.

Please find attached the Excel Questionnaire that will be sent to companies. The list of substances can be found in the second tab. If you have any questions or wish to discuss in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

CMP3 Voluntary Data Questionnaire Summer 2016

Thank you for your continued support of the Chemicals Management Plan.


Megan Hamilton

Head, Data Needs and Analysis
Information Management & Data Collection Section
Science and Technology Branch
Environment and Climate Change Canada
[email protected] / Tel: 819-938-4152

Chef, Analyse et collecte des données
Section de la gestion de l’information et de la collecte de données
Direction générale des sciences et de la technologie
Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
[email protected] / Tél: 819-938-4152